Today I have two things to share with you:

1. Antonios success story ($4k to $126k /mo in 45 days)

2. A FREE Strategy Session

Let's get started! Here's the first item:
You can see a testimonial he made for us, 4 weeks into his business development above.  This was when he was just getting started.

Antonio came into eStore Incubator and had a basic understanding of what dropshipping ecommerce was.

He knew he needed to be able to select products and use Facebook and that was about it.

Like I said, basic. 

His goal was to generate an extra $7k /mo income.

He is happily married with two great kids and he wanted a business he could run from home that would provide a great income and lifestyle so he could support them and also spend more time with them.

He has an analytical mind and loved the step by step process and blueprint laid out in the ESI incubator program.

He got started with step 1 and then moved to step 2 and then to step 3.

He was very focused and he started to get a trickle of results.

He kept the hammer down and showed up on the coaching calls and asked questions and let us help him with his data analysis.

He started to go from a handful of sales each day to dozens and then hundreds.

His big breakthrough came when he honed in his product selection process.

He found a product that was "hot now" and tested it and then begun to scale it.

The following month from just two products (80% from the first one and 20% the second) he went from around $4k to hit over $100k, around $126k and put around $37k into his pocket.

Here's what he said and when he said it he was giggly, he could hardly stop himself from just laughing out loud.

Antonio: Dude, I had my first $100k month!

Paul: What took you so long?

Antonio: LOL! Thanks so much for all your help and support.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Paul: Cool. How much profit did you make?

Antonio: (giggling to the point of loosing it) "We, haha, we, I can't believe it, we made over $37k, ha ha, it's to awesome, I'm so excited, ha ha, this is almost as much as I made all of last year, ha ha, omg, LOL

Paul: Dude, get control of yourself. 
Welcome to first grade, now go double.

And he is.

Here's the second item: A FREE Strategy Session

Do you find the ecommerce business model attractive, compelling or interesting?

Does it look lucrative to you?

Do you believe it might be a good way to generate an extra $2k, $3k, $5k or $10k /month income?

On the other hand do you also find it to be confusing, overwhelming or complex?

Are you feeling "analysis paralysis" and too much information, some of it conflicting, to get started?

Remember this "Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges."

What that means is with the ecommerce business model there are a few key things to focus on and a whole bunch of crap that can safely be ignored.

The battle is identifying what those small hinges are.

If you'd like some support, so like Teresa, you don't have to go it alone, then click here right now and book a FREE Strategy Session.


ESI is the first, longest running and most successful eCommere incubator on the planet.

The ESI System has been built, optimized and perfected over the last 6 years.

With hundreds and hundreds of video testimonials, Facebook group posts, emails and texts it is a fact that this system works, if worked. 

We have mastered a simple step by step, paint by numbers duplicatable system and process to take someone, whether they are already established or brand spanking new, from where they are to a six figure per month eCommerce business, if they so choose. 

To succeed you need two things.
A: A proven blueprint.
B: Expert feedback and guidance as you work the blueprint.

ESI has both.

Need some support in growing or starting your business? Let's talk.

Talk soon,

Paul Bocco
Founder, eStore Incubator

PS: When you schedule your strategy session be sure to fill out the survey. 
Calls without surveys are canceled.

We will not be taking a call with you without a completed survey.

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