So I got into some hot water yesterday.

I mean boiling hot water...

It was so bad I looked liked a cooked lobster...

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We were at church.

My wife likes to get there 45 minutes early, I mean 5 minutes early so she can stand in a long line and buy some coffee glop.

My job is to drop off the boys and Lilly usually goes with my wife to stand in line.

So by the time I get back over they are standing there waiting for their drinks.

Lilly usually get some hot chocolate concoction but yesterday she got an Italian soda, which I think just means soda water with a bunch of sugar and coloring, but I'm not sure...

So I asked her if I could try it.

She doesn't like to share straws with other people so she took a deep breath and said "fine"

So I took a sip and then put it back down.

Now as I was doing that, I had a thought.

See, I was chewing gum at the same time and my thought was something like this:

How funny would it be if after my sip I left my chewing gum on the straw.

Ha ha.

And then how funny would it be if Lilly didn't notice.


So that's exactly what I did.

"Hey Lilly, that was good, can I have one more small sip?"

"Uh, dAD, fine"

So I took and with my tongue stuck my bright neon green gum to the straw and then I set it back down.

Now in truth, I figured either Lilly or my wife would see it there...

So Lilly picked up the cup and I started to giggle..

I started to giggle louder because I was thinking "this is AWESOME"

I should have had my camera going...

Lilly was not looking down at the cup, and she proceeded to pick it up and put the straw in her mouth.

I was loosing it and then I wasn't.

Lilly freaked out for a sec then she looked down and saw my gum there and then she just got pissed.

I was laughing and then Lilly showed my wife what I did and then I wasn't laughing.

They were both PISSED, I mean livid.

And you know when you're in a situation where you really shouldn't be laughing and you're trying not to but you can't help yourself and you're kind of turning red in the face and the pressure is building and you're holding it all in but you know it's going to just blow up...

That was me, yesterday around 10:57 am EST.

Then miracle of miracles the gal from behind the counter calls out "Lilly! Lilly, Italian soda"

They both stopped and looked over.

The lady handed Lilly her drink, my wife told her she already had one, and the lady said "Oh, they must have goofed up the order, no worries, you can just keep it"

Boom, just like that, I was out of boiling water.

The cool part, I didn't buy the extra drink, that was just the big guy upstairs looking out for me.

Sometimes the big guy works in mysterious ways.
Sometimes it's more obvious.

My question for you today is:
Why are you interested in ecommerce?
Why are you even reading this email?
How long have you been poking around at this thing?

Maybe it's the dude upstairs pointing you in the right direction?

And if so, whatchya gonna do about it?

A good first step is to make sure you've got a clear blueprint to work and I can help with that.

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Talk soon,

Paul Bocco
Founder, eStore Incubator

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