So my daughter and I were out for a quick date.

Before I share this you have to promise me that you won't make fun of me.


Okay so I made a discovery and it'll make me sound like a redneck (nothing wrong with those)

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I discovered the Ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

It's amazing.

It's actually a grilled cheese on steroids.

It has a perfectly toasted bun.
It has perfectly crunchy bacon.
It has deep red tomatoes.
It has crisp romaine lettuce.

My mouth is watering as I type this.

And it's from the gas station.

OMG! Paul, did you say the gas station?

Yes, now before you get your pitchforks, it's from QT which is a family owned, one of the biggest, if not the biggest and they are known for their quality...

Anyway when my familigia was out of town, a couple of weeks ago I was a bit desperate as I'm a kitchen idiot...

Somehow I ended up there, hungry and desperate and I made that discovery.

So I convinced her to check out this sandwich, to which she said "ooh, gross, dad"

And we were there waiting for the order, takes about 5 mins or so.

Earlier in the day she had picked up one of those free real estate magazines and was flipping through.

She noticed a house and pointed it out.

And it looked good.

-4.18 acres
-5 beds
-5 baths
-5,683 sq ft
-3 2 car garages (wtf?)
-salt water pool
-2 master
-a darn vineyard
-a bunch of other cool stuff

And it was only around 1 Million bucks.

We are actually casually in the market and she knows this so we got to talking about it.

I had to explain that the price is a function of the dirt and the stuff on the dirt.

A 500 sq foot flat in Manhattan is crazy expensive and a house around where we live by the water is crazy expensive but this place not so much because it's kind of in the country.

So then she asked how much time would it take to save 1 Million dollars to buy it.

At first I hesitated to share this with her but I sensed a learning moment.

See, she's been thinking about what she wants to do when she grows up and GASP has been wanting to get a job.

I'm like, dude, seriously?!?

So I've been trying to show her the differences between business ownership and a job.

She kind of takes all of that for granted and because she's only been around business ownership she thinks a job looks cool now.

Go figure.

So when she asked how long it would take, I figured I'd play a bit of chess with her.

I thought about it and said if we reallocated more of the cash flow to savings we could probably save up 1 Million cash in about 6 months.

And then I asked her, how much time do you think it would take the person making our sandwich to save 1 Million?

She's like "I dunno"

I'm like "guess"

She's like "maybe a couple of years"

I said: "let's figure it out"

I'm like, let's say they earn $15 / hour.

Do they keep all of that, I asked.

She said: no they have taxes right?

Yep, do you know how much?

How much she asked.

I said around 20%.

So I handed her my phone and had her calculate how long they would have to work to save up 1 Million buckeraoos.

Her jaw hit the floor.

$15 /hr x 20% tax = $12 take home / hr
40 hours per week x $12 = $480 / week
1 Million divided by $480 = 2,033 weeks
2,083 divided by 52 weeks a year = 40 years

I said "this is if they save ALL of their money, do you think they can do that? what about food, housing, and all the other stuff?"

I said to her "which one do you want?
Do you want to work at Chick-Fil-A because you think it's cool or do you want to get serious about your ecommerce business and be able to afford stuff like this?"

Point made.

Question for you today, if I may.

What vehicle are you working?

How fast can it go?

If you're not happy about it, no problem, but what are you doing to change it?

And if not now, when?

Talk soon,

Paul Bocco
Founder, eStore Incubator

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