So my daughter is having an issue getting her work completed at school.
It's not her intelligence, it's her work ethic.

My wife was freaking out.
“OMG, she got another zero for not handing in her homework!”

On top of that, Lilly was asking if she could play with her friends after school today.

More on that in a minute.

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So I told my wife, “babe, let's take a look at the system.
I'm pretty sure we can architect a system that solves this once and for all in one fell swoop.”

So we architected a system that included the correct measurements, rewards and consequences.

Each week Lilly will have her teachers sign off on a piece of paper to indicate if Lilly did all of her work and was a good student that week.

That's the measurement.

Now the rewards/ consequences…

If she doesn't get that signed, she loses her phone, she loses the ability to play with her friends for the next week and some other things.

That's the rewards/ consequences.

My wife then asked me “that sounds good but what about if Lilly has an excuse?”

I said: “In life there are no excuses right?
What would you say if I kissed another woman and said sorry babe, she was hot.
But honey, I've been 99.9% faithful…”

She thought for a minute and then said with a smile: “got it, smart ass”

I asked her “what excuses could Lilly come up with?”

She said “she could say she didn't' have enough time or that she didn't get to use my phone for her homework.

I said “good points.  Those are what are called contingencies and it's a great opportunity to have Lilly learn to plan better and build in contingencies.

If she needs 2 days to get her work done and she is still not getting it done then she needs to allocate 4 days.

If she asks you to use your phone and she can't then she needs to ask me”

I explained to my wife my belief that:
It's Lilly's job to get that sheet signed.
It's her job to manage herself.
It's her job to get her work done at school.
It's her job to plan for contingencies.

I don't believe that these things are our job.

She thought about it for a minute and said she agreed.

My wife asked me “so what should we do about her request to play with her friends today?”

I said “let her.  Let's get the system in place.  Get the sheet she'll have to get signed off, connect with the teachers, go to the school and get the teachers signature so she can't forge it and then once all that platform is in place then let's explain the system.

In the meantime, let's take a play from the drug dealers book and let her play with her friend.  Let's let her get a taste for the freedom.
Let's let her get her beak wet.
Let's use the puppy dog close.

At that point my wife, smiled and told me “you're weird”

Most people I see don't spend any time thinking through their ecommerce or dropshipping business.

They have zero contingencies.
..what happens when this product dies?
..how do I leverage all my traffic to the max?
..how can I make profit even if I only break even on Facebook?
..and literally dozens of others…

They don't have any consequences.
..they are okay with spinning their wheels.
..they invest dozens or hundreds or thousands of hours on getting information but don't have any traction or profit.
BTW: it should take less than 20 hours to get a Shopify store set up from scratch and be testing products with the right system.  Many can do it in 10.
..and sadly they have no “penalty” if they don't' hit the mark.  They just keep spinning wheels with either more information or trying a different opportunity and don't realize that time is flying by and life is getting more expensive.

They don't have any measurements.
..is this working?
..does it just need more time?
..am I making money?

To be successful in business, life or even parenting you need to have:
1. System
2. Platform
3. Measurement
4. Consequences

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