Here’s a Look at Some Success Stories from Our Clients


DISCLAIMER: We are highlighting a variety of success stories on this page. Keep in mind that in order to find success, all of these people were committed, resourceful, and decisive from Day #1. Results will vary and we are here to help you achieve all of your goals!


I just started this program. I have already received far more coaching, encouragement, and direction than any other 'program' I have purchased. So far, with that laser focus and encouragement, I have already found myself starting to 'allow' myself to think big again. So...thank you. I do believe in the right place...the right time....the right connections.


So things have been slow going for me and it's easy to get discouraged but when you keep the bigger picture in mind it makes everything better. The past few days I have been profiting between $30 – $50 a day. Doesn't sound like much but that's $900 – $1500 a month. On auto pilot for the most part……That's awesome!!! Keep the bigger vision in sight and you will go far.


Thanks so much, Paul! I'll continue chopping wood this weekend and send the store over again for the rest of your review on Monday. Also, I just wanted to take the time to say how great this training and coaching has been. I'm really grateful for the process you created in your program. You and your team rocks!


Thanks for your amazing guidance and mentorship! We are SO excited and we will catch you on Tuesday's call.


I have made over 100 sales!


I am so much enjoying this course and I feel like I am learning a TON! I can't wait to get my first sell! Thanks


Thank you so much for taking time to help me on my business manager. It helped immensely to understand the flow of it. Last night I got on and spent time on it and listened to the yes ads video and got a feel for it and felt much better about my understanding and went to sleep happy! I'm going to re listen and then get to it! Thanks again!


I love your program! It IS a complete business model. I paid $997 a few months ago to join the other group I told you about. But it's a more hand-off kind of coaching. It's just hit or miss whether you ever get any real feedback from them. Your program is a course I would compare to the level of intensity of my Johns Hopkins GIS certificate program. The level of detail of the teaching in your program is what people really need to make their business work, but don't get from other programs. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your being kind enough to let me join.


Our results have exploded! When we first came to eStore Incubator, we were spending $1,000 a day on Facebook advertising and earning only $100 in profits, a 10% profit margin. So we'd spend around $30,000 per month to generate $3,000 in profit. One of the first thing Paul and his team coached us on was to stop the bleeding. We did that and reduced our daily spend to $100 to $200 a day. Long story short, we applied this system and we had our best day ever yesterday and did over $7k in one day at a 25% margin so we made close to $2k in one day! With the application of this program, we earned almost as much in one DAY that we did in the entire previous MONTH.

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Megan D.

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Leon T

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Chris K


Corey V

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Vincent C




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