In this video I interview Chris. He had zero background with ecommerce when he got started but he wasn't afraid of some work.

After working the ESI Ecommerce System he build a machine that generated around $7k after 4 months and then went on to do multiple six-figures per month. His best month to date being $412K and profiting $107,000 for that month.

In his first year he grew from $0 to $1,263,829 in 12 months and is positioned to do 8 - Figures this year.

Here's what we cover:

1. Biggest mistakes made to date. 

2. What he wished he would have done sooner to save time and effort.

3. His product research, testing, scaling systems.

4. How his profit and loss grew over time and the mistake he almost made.

5. The mindset he had to both overcome and build.

6. Knowing what he knows today the key principles he would have told himself when he first got started.

7. How he retired his wife from a job she didn't like.

8. Tricks to accelerated growth.

Check out the video.

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